cGMP Toll Processing at CMC

Fleetwood, PA – Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. constructs a brand new state-of-the-art class  100,000/ISO 8 cGMP clean room.  The new area allows CMC to expand on their current contract manufacturing services.  For years CMC has been leading the way in fine particle size reduction with liquid materials, now they are taking that knowledge and increasing the capabilities that they will be able to offer customers.

The new area will be equipped with CMC horizontal media mills and mixers that have been specifically designed for a clean and sterile environment.  The equipment is made with stainless steel materials and designed for easy teardown, making the cleaning and sterilization process more effective and efficient.  All processes, procedures, and productions will be well documented to ensure cGMP and ISO standards are met and to satisfy the most stringent customer standards.

Features that are available; HEPA filtration, climate controlled environment, 2,560 cubic feet of refrigerated storage space, and the latest in fine media milling equipment and technology. These features will make it ideal for processing cosmetics, skin care, dental care, essential oils and many more products that require stricter processing practices.

CMC will be concentrating on assisting companies that are looking for a place that they can take their product from conceptualization to production. Our staff of R&D specialists have years of experience and knowledge working with a range of products. With the ability to produce batches as small as 1 gallon up to 300 gallons, CMC will be able to be with you during every step of the process.

In addition to production CMC can provide you with a full turnkey service that includes raw material acquisition, labeling, packaging, storage and shipping. To ensure product quality and consistency customers have full access to all our analytical equipment, from particle size analyzer, to HPLC analysis, and much more.

cGMP Toll Processing


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