Milling 3

Toll Processing

CMC’s Toll Processing operation is focused on meeting our customers needs. We can assist you from the beginning stage of formulation development, to one time production of small batches, all the way up to continuous large production.

Our extensive knowledge in wet processing technology makes us one of the leaders in the industry. The experts at CMC know and understand media milling and have years of experience working with fine particle size reduction in a wide range of materials.

Quality Control Testing

At our facility we have state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the quality on every batch we produce. Our customers have access to several analytical tests that are done here on site and documented for your records. Below is a list of tests we can do:

  • Laser particle size analysis
  • Spectrophotometric color analysis
  • BET surface analysis
  • Viscosity measurements
  • Density / specific gravity / solids testing
  • Grind gauge / draw down cards
  • pH measurements
  • HPLC analysis

Wet Processing Capabilities

We know that not all customer’s formulations are the same and that sometimes they require different methods of processing.

  • Media Milling
  • Particle De-Agglomeration
  • Liquid/Liquid – Blending, Mixing and Dispersing
  • Liquid/Solids – Blending / Dispersing
  • High viscosity mixing and dispersing
  • Filtration
  • Lab and Pilot Size Batches (.5 – 200 gallons)
  • Production Size Batches (100 – 2,000 gallons)
  • Ag Chem: EPA Registered


When you partner with CMC to fulfill your processing needs you can count on us to do more than just process your formulation. We have a range of additional services that our customers can take advantage of, in order to save them time and be more efficient.

  • Raw material acquisition and storage
  • Inventory management of customer supplied raw materials
  • Packaging and labeling
  • Storage of finished products
  • Shipment to you (the customer) or your end user
  • Full process documentation to satisfy all your ISO requirements