Batch Mill

Basket style media mill ideal for applications requiring quick change over with minimal downtime.

The “basket” style media mill has been the salvation of small batch, rapid changeover industries, such as the ink dispersion business. And the CMC Batch Mill line is a great example of this milling platform. The CMC Batch Mill offers efficient, one tank wet grinding of a wide range of formulations, due to its dual-shaft/dual-speed control configuration. Operators command full control of both the agitator speed and the milling shaft speed. This versatility allows the operator to “dial in” to the perfect setting for his or her specific formula rheology.

Or let the machine find its own perfect operating parameters with one of our SMART control systems. Simply load a few basic processing ranges into the PLC using our easy-to-use HMI touch screen, and start the mill. Sensors monitoring product temperature and motor loading will make multiple adjustments every second in order to seek and maintain the optimum operating conditions, all while staying within the parameters prescribed. Nothing could be faster from start to finish.

A variety of slot openings offered on the durable,  easy-to-change baskets gives the machine the flexibility to run media sizes as small as 0.5mm, 2.5mm, or larger if required. Cleaning the all stainless-steel wetted system is a breeze as well. Simply lower the mill into a solvent tank using the air over oil lift, run both shafts for several minutes, then raise the mill to drain. In no time you are ready for your next batch.

  • Heavy-duty lift and bridge with chemical resistant epoxy coating
  • Large sealed-for-life bearings
  • All stainless-steel wetted construction
  • Proven inverted CMX wedge wire basket
  • Air/oil lift system provides easy transition between batches
  • Water manifold to control cooling water flow to jacketed mix tanks
  • PLC-controlled operator interface with remote monitoring capability
Model Batch Capacity
Motor (HP) Machine Dimensions (inches)
Excluding Tank
Milling Mixing Width Length Height Lowered Height Raised
100 2 2 1 25.5 25.5 60.75 N/A
184 15 5 2 28.75 55.25 51.25 19.25
184 Plus 30
216 30 10 5 29.25 63.25 58.25 93.25
216 Plus 50
256 50 20 10 31.75 71 68.25 113.25
256 Plus 165
370 165 30 20 39.25 93 78.75 132.75
370 Plus 250
438 250 50 30 45.25 107 102.25 164.25
438 Plus 450
604 700 75 50 58.25 132 114 188
604 Plus 1100