Planetary Mixers

Industrial Double Planetary Mixer

CMC Double Planetary Mixers are the ideal choice for mixing and kneading viscous pastes and gently blending shear-sensitive formulations.  Providing a slow-speed, high-torque approach to material handling, the Double Planetary Mixer offers the capability to address a wide variety of applications and viscosities.

The CMC Double Planetary Mixer is constructed with a pair of open frame type blades (gate style). Each blade rotates on its own axis while simultaneously orbiting around the mixing vessel. The precision machined clearances between the blades and between the blade and the mix tank’s inner walls provide a strong shearing force, resulting in superior mixing, kneading, and dispersion. Various blade configurations ensure the best performance on the mixing process.

Mixed materials can be discharged from the mixing tank by means of a Ram Press, which uses a close-clearance, sealed follower plate in a double acting hydraulic piston to press the materials from the tank.

  • Versatile, heavy-duty design – units easily process materials from 100,000 to several million CPS
  • Precision-machined tank and blades allow for close tolerances from blade-to-blade and blade-to-tank wall
  • All units are vacuum capable, allowing for deaeration or dehydration of product
  • All wetted parts are stainless steel and highly polished to facilitate cleaning and reduce risk of product contamination
  • Available in sizes from .5-liter up to 2,300-liter
  • Multiple blade options available
ModelMain Motor (HP)HydraulicMin. Capacity (Liters)Max. Capacity (Liters)Length (Inches)Width (Inches)Height (Inches)Raised Height (Inches)
DP-0.5.25Manual Crank125 mL500 mL17.411.318.218.2
DP-1.5.25Manual Crank175 mL1.1 L22.422.421.621.6
DP-5.5Manual Crank1330430.430.630.6
DP-151Manual Crank31137.137.137.637.6
DP-1300Consult the Factory
DP-2300Consult the Factory
Ram Press
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